The word "bismillâhirrahmânirrahîm", which is the first verse of the Quran and known as basmala, is almost the code of the system 19.

Basmalah consists of 19 (19x1) Arabic letters.


There are 114 (19x6) basmalahs in the Quran.

In the basmalah; there are the word "bsm" (with his name) and three names of God (Allah, Rahman, Rahim). The names of God in the basmalah are mentioned as much as 19 times throughout the Qur'an.

Allah = 2698 (19x142)

Rahman = 57 (19x3)

Rahim = 114 (19x6) 

The feature of the word "Bsm" (by name) is different. The word "basm - باسم" normally written with the letter "alif" (56:74, 56:96, 69:52, 96:1), but is written as "bsm - بسم" without the letter "alif" in the basmalah. This form in the Basmalah is seen in only three verses (1:1, 11:41, 27:30). These verses protect the Quran in three parts; there are 1520 (19×80) verses from the first to the second, 1691 (19×89) verses from the second to the third, and 3135 (19×165) verses from the third to the end of the Quran.



The name "Allah" in basmalah; there are also two different ways to protect the Quran.

One of them is seen in the table of the word Allah (Sura No-Verse No-Quantity). For the words "Allah" in the Qur'an; When we create a table in the form of sura no, verse number, number of passes in the verse, the sum of each column within themselves is a multiple of 19.


The other protection is seen by the consecutive numbers created by adding the order of the verses in which the name "Allah" is mentioned to the (Surah-Verse-Quantity) table shown above.

The verses in which the name "Allah" is mentioned; the order in the Quran (which verse of the all Quran), sura no (in which Sura), verse no (which verse of Sura) and the number of "Allah" mentioned in the verse, a number is formed. This number has 15124 digits and it is a multiple of 19. Also the number of digits of this number (15124) is a multiple of 19 (19x796).