85:21-22 It is a glorious Quran.
In a preserved master tablet.



In this section, you will only witness the feature provided with initial letters.
To easily understand this protection system, please first review the simple example below.

Below you can see a English letter written
by a mother to her child.
The letter started with the letters A, L, M, which has no meaning and ended with a meaningful content.

Total in the letter:
27 pcs A
17 pcs L
13 pcs M
has letters.
Total pass of all: (A+L+M=57).
This is exactly (3) times the prime number 19.

29 Surahs and Letters

In the first verses of 29 suras,
there are letters that do not have any meaning,
as in the letter example above.
These letters are called "Initial Letters / Huruf-u Mukatta" and there are 14 types (7 pairs) combinations.

~15:87 We have given you seven pairs and the great Qur'an.~

The initial letters are the introductory verses of 29 suras, and some of these letters are stated to be evidence/sign/miracle right after.

~10:1 Elif, Lam, Ra. Here are the miracles/proofs of the Book full of wisdom.~

These letters, which act as codes, preserve the suras literally. In the suras with these letters;
the letters in the combination appear in that sura a multiple of 19.

For example; The sum of the letters 'ye' and 'sin' in the 36th sura with the letter combination "ye, sin" is 285 (19x15).


If you think that what you see above
was written by a person named Muhammed,
who lived in the 7th century,
by finding a computer and
building a system on a prime number,
you can leave the site.

No, if you want to witness more evidence,
please read the manifest by scrolling down.


This website is not affiliated with any organization or cult. Hadith, sunnah, sect, tradition have not been made a source for the REAL.

7:3 Follow what has been revealed to you from your master, and do not follow other than Him as friends.

18:54 We have given all kinds of examples for the people in this Qur'an. But people are very fond of arguments.

The purpose of this website;
it is to announce System 19, which provides universal, objective and rational proofs that the Qur'an is a divine and protected message.

System 19;

- Source of unrest for those who disbelieve (74:31),
- Convinces people (74:31),
- Strengthens the faith of believers (74:31),
- Doubt for dubious (74:31),
- One of the great proofs (74:35),
- A warning to humanity (74:36),
- Separates progressives and reactionaries (74:37).


This site will not sell
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There is no advertising space.
The one who obeys/strives to obey God's law; He asks nothing in return for delivering His message.

36:21 Obey those who do not ask you for a fee.
They are on the right track.

25:57 Say: “I do not ask you for any remuneration for my duty. I just want you to be those who seek the way to reach their Master.”

Turn away from those who make judgments outside the Qur'an, those who want to be glorified and paid!

9:34 O believers, most scribes and priests eat people's money undeservedly and lead them astray from God's way.

5:44 Do not glorify the people, glorify me, and do not sell my verses for a cheap price. Those who do not judge by what God has sent down are denier.